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Dell inspiron 5537 15r graphics drivers

is updating my 5537 15r laptop graphics drivers to latest intel and amd drivers the best choice for my laptop to get the best out of my graphics card ?

or i have to download the dell recommended drivers or any older drivers ? 

unrelated question : is there a windows os that is better for my laptop or it doesnt make difference (mostly for gaming performance) ?

excuse my bad english


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RE: Dell inspiron 5537 15r graphics drivers

Hi smsm96,

Thanks for posting. The updated Dell Intel drivers can be found here: http://dell.to/2oHLKxV. You can also go to Intel and download drivers for your video card directly if you would like. It will depend on the chip you have installed in your computer.  To find out which chip you have, go to the link I posted above and click the tab that says system configuration, and enter your service tag.

Not sure which Windows OS you are running, but Windows 10 should work fine, however this computer was not designed to be a gaming performance computer, so you may be limited to what games will perform the best.  You should review the specifications of the game and the specifications of your computer before you purchase the games. 

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