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Dell inspiron 7567 Gaming - Battery and Hinge problem.


I have bought a dell inspiron 7567 gaming laptop about 2 months ago.. I facing few problems.. 

1. first month the laptop used to run on batter for about 5-6 hrs browsing internet and watching movies as well.. but now I hardly get 2 hours only browsing without any other tasks running in parallel..

2. The laptop heats a lot at the bottom even when I do browsing only

3. Right hinge make a kind of 'tick' sound while opening and closing.. and after I close completely, I have to press a bit at the right hinge to close completely.. (When I press it makes a small tick sound and is closed completely)

I'm worried to see so many issues within a year and that too for just 2 months.. The main problem is this laptop my aunt bought in United States but I live in India. So it is not easy to send the laptop to US for  such issues.. I hope I will get some support through this post..

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RE: Dell inspiron 7567 Gaming - Battery and Hinge problem.

You'll need to start by transferring the warranty to India -- however, this requires:

1.  Upgrading the warranty from depot repair to onsite service -- this will cost a couple of hundred dollars.

2.  That the model is sold in India -- if it's not, the warranty cannot transfer.

To transfer:


Then contact Dell India or US for repair.

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RE: Dell inspiron 7567 Gaming - Battery and Hinge problem.

Hi kulsripa,

Thanks for posting.

Apologies that your computer is not working as you expected.

Unfortunately, hinges are considered normal wear and tear parts, and are not covered by warranty.  If the battery is not lasting and it's getting hot it's possibly due to a program running in the background.  

As for warranty service in your country.  The computer would have had to been purchased with an upgraded warranty.  Normal 1 yr return to depot service will not transfer outside the USA.  Also, the computer would have to be sold in India, otherwise the parts would not be there.  

So, more than likely, if you wish warranty service on your computer, you will have to return it to the country where it was purchased at your expense.

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