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Dell inspiron 7567 extra HDD/SSD

I just bought one from the dell outlet factory. Till now the laptop is a beauty but the only thing that bothers me is the 256GB SSD. I do some recording and video rendering stuff too besides than just gaming.

Now, my question, is there any way to to install a 1TB HDD, keeping my 256GB SSD undisturbed. I did some research and found out that my laptop supports 2.5Inch SATA hard disks but does it only support SSD or both SSD AND HDD

Is there any free internal slot for the installation of 2.5Inch HDD/SSD ? Please anyone ?

Also I checked this post(http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/t/20004106?pi41097=2&dgc=SM&cid=60903&lid=...) Where he says he ordered the 1050Ti version but got the normal 1050 version. The thing is, my uncle has got my laptop and he's bringing it on friday plus he doesn't know how to check the graphic card and everything. I ordered the 1050Ti version, so will I be getting the normal 1050 version or the correct one(1050Ti) ?

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RE: Dell inspiron 7567 extra HDD/SSD

Hi thilak1999,

Thanks for posting.

You can find out your system configuration by several ways, the easiest is by the service tag.  Here is some information:  http://dell.to/2zbIxxZ

another is Belarc Advisor 

You may be able to add another hard drive to your system but it has to be no larger than 7mm.

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RE: Dell inspiron 7567 extra HDD/SSD

If your current SSD is an M.2 drive (card format), you can install a 2.5" hard drive or an additional 2.5" SSD.  If your current SSD is a 2.5" drive, you can install an M.2 SSD but not a second 2.5" drive.  the additional mounting hardware (cable and bracket) likely will not be in the system now, so to install a 2.5" drive, you will need to order those parts from Dell Spare Parts.

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RE: Dell inspiron 7567 extra HDD/SSD

When upgrading you your hard drive capacity via the onboard M.2 slot you actually have two choices: !1.Purchase a SATA based M.2 SSD Drive (actually a circuit board with an edge connector on one end).

2. Purchase a PCI Based M.2 SSD Either one will work with the Internal M.2 slot. I verified this with Dell.

If you chose the PCI based M.2 SSD you will notice the performance benchmarks are significantly higher than the SATA version and so is the price. Using the SATA interface version will save you money and possibly allow you to purchase a slightly larger capacity drive. The SATA SSD performance of the M.2 version is practically identical to the performance you will get with a typical 2.5 inch SATA SSD made by the same manufacturer. The M.2 just doesn't have the additional housing around it. Another thing you need to know is the interface connector width in MM and the maximum board length in mm so you can order the correct size for your laptop. That information is usually found in the M.2 Interface specifications for the laptop. There is generally a screw hole in the long side of the board opposite its edge connector. With the Laptop powered down and disconnected from the AC adaptor carefully remove the bottom panel of the laptop. If you already have an M.2 drive installed you can back up the data to a second mechanical SATA hard drive installed in your laptop or an external USB hard drive. Make sure you perform a full backup of drive C. I moved my personal files to a special folder I made on my D Drive, then made a Windows 10 Pro Bootable installation image on the thumb drive. Directions for this can be found on the Internet. I also set the Bios to allow it to boot from a USB device. I then removed the Existing M.2 SSD board and installed the new M.2 SSD board and secured it in place. I replaced the bottom cover and then reconnected the laptop to the charger and powered it up. The post discovered the new M.2 drive and then After getting through that the bootable image began to load from the USB drive. I basically installed a fresh copy of windows 10 Pro from the Image file. I didn't want all of the bloat ware the laptop originally came with. I went out to the Dell Site and installed the Dell utility which scans your hardware and then uploads the proper Dell drivers for your laptop and then you make sure they are all installed and everything is working properly. There are a few windows related Tasks to perform as if you were turning on a new windows laptop on for the first time. One important thing you want to do is change windows to basically save EVERYTHING to the Larger capacity 2.5" SATA drive, which in my case was already installed. If no secondary device is installed you may want to consider installing one so you can reserve your M.2 SSD applications or situations where you need the additional performance. Windows will always boot from the SSD so expect less wait time on boot. From there on out it's up to you how you use the remaining space on the M.2 SSD. Anything you need to copy back over from the secondary drive you backed up previously can be moved back over to drive C: Most applications will require a fresh installation to the SSD or mechanical SATA drive - but that's up to you. In my case my laptop came with a rather small capacity m.2 SATA board. I purchased a metal USB 3.0 M.2 enclosure and put my old board in there. Only one USB cable is required as the M.2 boards do not require a secondary USB connection for supplemental power. Cheers!