Dell inspiron factory reset

Product name: Inspiron 13-7353

System BIOS:1.16.0

Service Tag:<Service tag removed>

ePSA: Build 4304.09 UEFI ROM

I have a booting issue and created post about it about a week ago. People were very helpful and told me to try some things, but it didnt work and I lost my motivation to try other thing. 

So I decided I'm just gonna factory reset my laptop since I have most things backed up on cloud.

I tried this USB method after changing my setting to Legacy

Video - How to Install Windows 10 (using a USB key)

when I press USB Storage Device, I get a black screen that says NO KERNEL_

Can anyone please tell me what this means and what I should do?

It would really help me out 🙂

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RE: Dell inspiron factory reset

Reset the system to UEFI mode if the recovery drive was made in that mode.  Press F12 with that drive attached and the system should find and boot from it.

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