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Dell mini 10 won't prompt for hard drive password after standby

I'm not sure where to post this problem.  My Inspiron Mini 10 with XP has a hard drive password, and it asks me for it when I turn the computer on.  However, when I put it on standby, either by turning the computer off in standby mode, or by closing the lid, or by pressing the on/off switch, and then restart it, either by opening the lid or pressing the on-off button, the computer does not prompt me for the hard drive password, which it should.

What can I do to fix this?  Please note that I am referring to the hard drive password, and not the administrative password.


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Re: Dell mini 10 won't prompt for hard drive password after standby


It should not.

Standby is hybernation mode.

The "Hard Drive Password" is in the BIOS and not attached in any way to the OS.

There is a Screen saver option in windows to ask for a Windows Password.

To protect your files by using a screen saver password


Open Display in Control Panel.


On the Screen Saver tab under Screen saver, click a screen saver 


Select the On resume, password protect check box.

If Fast User Switching is turned on, select the On resume, display Welcome screen check box.


To open Display, click Start, click Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes, and then click Display

Selecting the On Resume, password protect check box will lock your computer when the screen saver is activated. When you begin working again you will be prompted to type your password to unlock it.

Your screen saver password is the same as your logon password. If you do not use a password to log on, you cannot set a screen saver password.

Fast User Switching is only available for stand-alone computers and users in a workgroup. It is not available if your computer is part of a network domain 

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Re: Dell mini 10 won't prompt for hard drive password after standby

Thanks for your response, Speedstep, and I don't want to be contentious about it, but this is what happens (i.e., it asks for the harddrive password after it is on standby) on my Inspiron 1525 and, if  I remember right, also on a Vostro laptop.

A screensaver password is, based on what I've read, ok protection from a casual user, but not much use against a thief who knows how to break it.  And encrypting the data would be too much of a burden on the chip in the Mini.

I was hoping that there was some setting that got me there, but, so far, I haven't found it.

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