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Re: Dell order delays


Okay Dell, What if I say this:

I will send you the money 3 weeks after I receive the laptop.

Bank error, I assure you that you will have the money within next 2 weeks ( no extra, sorry)

Hum...I don't have money this time. I promise to transfer it to you next 2 weeks ok.

I know you have been waiting for 7 weeks for total, but you will have to wait more. I will expedite (but to me, expedite means : the same)

I know you are angry but it's Dell..oh oh sorry, I mean..it's me, not you, ok.

Sorry, I don't know if I can give the money to you or not. Just let me cancel this payment and re-enter a new date. 

(I just want to make it seems like it has been delayed just 1 week.)

Enjoy waiting...! (without even sure that you will have the money or not)




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Re: Dell order delays

STUDIO XPS 16 1645 i7 : 

Ordered    09/27 - EDD 10/19 - Canceled by Dell - NO ANY NOTIFICATION

Reordered  10/22 - EDD 11/13 - Delayed to 11/20 -  Canceled by Dell - NO ANY NOTIFICATION

Reordered  11/19 - EDD 12/15 - ...( waiting to see WHAT WILL HAPPEN HERE )

On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 11:54 PM, I have received an e-mail saying that: "your order is built and in transit to the shipping facility.

Normal time in this routing position is 48-96 hours.".

Waiting to see what will happen..

( visit my thread "DELAY - CANCEL - RELEASED MONEY - DELL" for information and update )


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Re: Dell order delays

Thought I would throw my 2 cents in, Ordered XPS 17 with Intel i7 processor, 8 GB ram, 640 GB HD with additional accessories such as printer, wireless router,etc., on 10-26-10.

order was confirmed on 10-26-10 with estimated delivery date of 11-3-10 for all products ordered. YAY! Next day I recieved ordershipped notice of one of my accessories that I had ordred but supiciously noted that my estimated delivery date for my laptop had been moved to 11-23-10, with no notices of reason for the delay. :emotion-8:.  To shorten the story I had received everything except my laptop by 11-3-10.  I called DELL on 11-6-10 with a request for a call back from a "manager" on reason of the delay, since the person who I called did not have an answer for the delay,( and to be honest, I think she couldn't really understand me, me being a "southerner" and all). No call back. :emotion-39:.  Then I received confirmation of order shipped on 11-10-10.  Received the Laptop on 11-11-10.  Color me surprised.  I guess this is a success story, considering the horror stories I have read so far in this forum.


I received the call back from the "manager" for the reason of the delay on 11-13-10 or there abouts....:emotion-40: still with no reason for the delay....:emotion-12:  

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