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Dell precision M6500 error code 2000-0411.

Hi, my dell precision M6500 no longer not up windows. During the start up process I Recieve the error code 2000-0411, and it tells me to insert my windows disk and reboot the comp again and follow the steps to reinstall windows. According to the diagnostic test when I ran it, the problem is as follows :

"Error Code 0411.

Msg: Error Code 2000-0411

Msg: Cables - Right I0 board not detected

The given error code and message can be used by technical support to help diagnose the problem. "

     My question is; 1) will reinstalling windows fix this problem? 2)what would have caused this to happen all of a sudden? 3)what, if any, are other possible fixes I can try?

Thank you very much to anyone who reads this and trys to help.

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