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Dell's Warranty Program

I must say, I had heard good of the Dell company when I purchased my XPS M1530 laptop summer of 2008.  I was impressed as was my wife.  She purchased another one for herself in spring of 2009.  When I bought mine, I was suprized by the extended warranty program, the on site was a little expensive but appeared to be well woth the expense.  The guranteed replacement of the battery for the laptop, up to one per year was a definute deciding factor.  I sprung for the 4 year program for my machine and 3 years for my wifes.

All appears good and well, now flash to 16 months later, my batteny life has droped to near "zero".  My mouse is acting up and becoming aggravating.  I called the Dell Warranty program for the XPS.  They came online to my computor and decided my mouse driver was corrupt.  After reloading and setting up a new driver, I was told that would do it.  I told the representative it didn't appear to do any good and was told to reboot it afew times and see if it didn't solve the problem.  As far as the battery replacement goes, I was told they would not replace any battery after the initial warranty period.  After about a week, the mouse got so bad I went back to the old driver, which was an improvement.  I lived with the sick mouse for more than a month, I called again and was told they would sell me an externial mouse so I would not have to use the one in the laptop....   Now my wifes mouse has started doing the same thing.  She has gone to an external.

I felt everyone should know about the disinterest I have found from Dell with the extended warranty program and the poor life expectancy of the XPS mouse pads.  The warrenty is not woth even considering and the life one can expect from a mouse pad and a 9cell battery is short to say the least.  I am still making payments on the computers and the extended warrenties which is upsetting.  I was suckered in.  Good Luck

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