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Dell start page

I have a DELL start page with a number of Google add-ons on it eg. weather, BBC News etc. But I cannot click and drag the add-ons to the positions I want them to occupy - they are just fixed in random positions. What's stopping me moving them and how can I overcome this?

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Re: Dell start page

Hi Strachanson,

Are you referring to the start page when you click on the Internet Explorer? If yes, it is working as designed.

You would not be able to drag or move the add-ons. The Dell Start Page you are referring to have the add-ons which you can customize according to your preferences. You would need to sign in to save the customization using your Google account. You can create a new Google account for doing the same if you don't have one.

Moving the add-ons is not possible, however, as a workaround you can change their order by clicking the close button on top right corner of add-ons to close them all and then add them one by one in the reverse order of your preference. For example: if you need the YouTube add-on in the bottom right corner you need to add the YouTube add-on first.

Hope this information helps.

Thanks & Regards,
Tanvi C
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