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Dell studio XPS 1640 laptop's screen turning off automatically after every 15 minutes

Date : 08-12-2010
I purchased Studio XPS 1640 with windows 7 operating system in December 2009 last year and I have lodged a complaint about an issue of screen turning off after every 15 mins when the system is getting charged even all the settings under power option in control panel have been set as never like Dim the display, turn off the display, sleep option and so on on around 15th of November within the warranty period. Technician team has sent the technician 8 times at my place with differen parts all the time like motherboards, heat sings, processor.  The motherboards have been replaced four times, heat sings have been replaced three times, windows 7 operating system has been installed 10 times so far and however the problem hasn't been resolved yet and it has been like 2 months since I noticed this problem in my system.  Your tecnicial named Mr. Jayraja Ganesha has checked my whole system through remote over the internet on 6th December.  And still the prblem is same.  I am completely fed up now and I want permanent solution because I can't give my time to your technicians any more because there is no point by every time coming with differnt parts and leaving my place without solving the problem, so it does not make any sense. 
I have talked with all of  technicians like Raghu, Kartik, Roy, Jayraj, Aaron so far.
Does anybody has the solution for this problem
I am not satisfied with my system purchase
My email address is <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>
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