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Dell support technician destroyed my laptop, but I can not prove it. Please help!

My Dell Inspiron laptop's hard disk failed to start, so I had it replaced under warranty  by Dell support technician.  (I noticed they've done a sloppy job because a few screws were missing from under the laptop and I could hear something like a little screw loose inside the laptop, unfortunately I discovered that after I had sign the papers and had no way to prove it was their fault so I let it go). 

Then the monitor had lines appearing across the screen, so I had it repaired  again under warranty by Dell support technician. 

This time they replaced motherboard, and monitor.

The laptop turned on and passed all the BIOS tests, so I had to sign the papers and thought everything was ok.

Then I did a fresh clean install of Windows 8 with the original Dell USB recovery media. everything booted up fine, even wifi. 

Downloaded latest drivers from and proceeded to install them.

As soon as I installed Intel HD Graphics 4600, the screen went black and after rebooting, it went black again as soon as Windows booted.

and so began my endless trial and tribulations to get this laptop fixed...

Here is everything I tried:

  • called & emailed Dell tech support again, they would not accept it had anything to do with the hardware replacement that they performed because they claimed it was a software issue and kept instructing me how to install a driver...
  • clean installed Windows 8
  • clean installed Windows 10
  • install all Windows Updates and drivers from Windows Updates
  • Install latest (2015) drivers manually from (M3800_Video_Driver_7C6X2_WN32_10.18.15.4248_A00.exe)
  • Install latest (2017) drivers from (Intel HD Graphics 4600 15.40 2017 win64_154036.4703.exe)
  • let Dell System Detect install drivers automatically
  • In Safe Mode, in Registry, set "DisplayOptimizations" to 0x0  and "NoFastLinkTrainingForeDP" to 0

RESULTS: all the same, screen goes black as soon as Intel HD Graphics 4600  is installed and remains black as soon as Windows is booted, no matter how many times you reboot.


  1. I restored Windows from Advanced Startup Options each time screen would go black as a result of installing Intel HD Graphics driver, sometimes restore failed, and I clean installed Windows from USB media.
  2. screen works fine in Safe Mode and if I disable Intel HD Graphics 4600 in device manager, Windows boots normally and screen works. 
  3. I could live with builtin Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver (1920x1080) but the the problem is screen brightness is stuck at maximum and there is no way to change it! 
  4. I can use the laptop using TeamViewer remote desktop control when Intel HD Graphics 4600 is installed and the display is black. I discovered the following: Under Advanced Display, using old driver from, there is all the supported resolutions, but changing it to 1920x1080 does not stop the black screen.  also no monitor is available in Intel HD Graphics settings. 

It is clear that Dell support technician messed up again and installed a faulty or incompatible display.

The big question is, how could I prove to Dell support that this black screen problem is a direct result of the replacement that they did?

otherwise I have no choice but to trash this 2000 EURO laptop! Please help!

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