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Dell system restore and updating laptop


I have a dell vostro 1510 with XP Professional as OS.  I am getting ready to update to Windows 7 Prof and just ran a Windows 7 update advisor and the report states that Dell System Restore on my computer is compatible with7.  The advisor states that I have Dell System Restore version 2.00.0000. 

I use my computer a lot but am not a computer wiz on the inner workings of a computer so hope this question is not too weird.

My question is do I have to reinstall Dell System Restore after I update or does this program remain through the installation process?  If I have to reinstall, is this on the disc I received when I bought the computer?  Or do I have to download it from the dell website.  If so, where from? 

Thanks for any help.


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RE: Dell system restore and updating laptop

Hi avostro1510,

I understand that Windows 7 upgrade adviser has suggested that this system can be upgraded to Windows 7, however, Dell has not tested this system with Windows 7, and hence drivers for Windows 7 for this system are not available. There are drivers available for Windows Vista 32 bit version which you can install in compatibility mode in Windows 7 but they may or may not work. You will have to search the specifics hardware manufacturer website for compatible Windows 7 drivers.

If you still decide to proceed with Windows 7 installation, make sure that you back up the data as this process may lead to complete data loss. Please refer to the link http://dell.to/ZDfMyt for steps to install Windows 7. Once the Windows is installed refer to the link http://dell.to/12oPjsc for instructions of installing the drivers in correct sequence.

Hope this helps. Please reply if you have any questions.

Thanks & Regards
Saharsh K
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