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Dell will not honor my warranty

I bought a Dell Inspiron laptop a couple of months ago. I worked fine for the first 3 weeks. Then I began to have High Disk usage problems and the laptop would basically be inoperable. And so my nightmare begins. After no less than15 hours and working with three different Dell computer technicians and Dell Connect and twwo complete re-installs of Windows 10, my laptop still has the same issue. (High Disk Usage) 95-100 percent all the time and the laptop will not work.

Dell will not take my computer back to fix it. Dell wants me to continue to waste my time over the phone with their computer technicians until the end of time. I have a defective Dell laptop that I paid good money for. Dell has taken my money and left me with an inoperable product. It is wrong for me to be involved in the repair process unless I agree to it. I do not agree to helping you fix this computer anymore, I have had enough. Honor the warranty, take this laptop back and do whatever is necessary to fix it. But leave me out of it.

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