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Dell xps 15 9550 issues

I am having two problems with my dell xps 15 9550. My comprehensive warranty ran out last November 2016,  and being a student, I cannot afford to use dell's out-of-warranty diagnostic which will set me back over 30 euros. 

I have xps 15 with 4k setup bought at launch. 


My touchpad is un-clickable when laptop gets a bit hot. 

The touchpad literally protrudes from the palm rest and both left/right click keys cannot be pressed anymore. It is especially worse on the left side of touchpad. It started happening a month or so ago. At the beginning, I noticed it happened under intensive usage (e.g. gaming), now it is happening any time the system is turned on or in sleep mode. When I completely turn off the system, it goes back to normal state. 

After a quick google-ing and reading the repair manual, it looks like it is the problem with battery. And I feel unsafe using this extremely pricey laptop given the extreme consequences of battery explosions in the news recently.

On a side note, I only have ever gotten like 3 hours of battery life using Chrome on 4k display with minimum brightness since the beginning. 

Can someone please help me with the battery issue as to where I can get replacement, support, etc? 

I have googled and couldn't really find any useful/good site to get a replacement battery in UK and dell's official site do not sell replacement batteries. 


The screen also comes out of the frame while using. This is not as serious problem as potentially explosive battery, but I would have expected a better built quality for £1600 piece of hardware. 

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RE: Dell xps 15 9550 issues

Take a look at the numerous posts regarding this battery problem with the XPS 15 9550. This is unfortunate. People have paid a pretty penny for this laptop only to have the battery start swelling after about a year. I have had batteries last several years without a problem on other laptops.


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