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Dell xps 9365 2 inç after dellr boot logo black screen, win 10 dont load

My months old xps laptop is stuck in blk screen afterr logo screen, it started to act funny about a week ago, users would appear that i didnt create, im the only user and have never generated other users than my self, it almost seemed as if other people were gettin in it and taking co trol of it. Strange files, i started losing rights, my files turned to read only, i couldnt open exe files, nor access things like msconfig, user settings, really too much happened in the course of about a wdek, it got worse yesterday when i startex looking into system reset. And the oddest part is that it was so difficult to turn off my wifi, amd when i did, the machine just would freeze amd took long time to process, fimaly last nght i was checking the bios and after that it froze and wont load windos and the screen goes blk after the boot logo, its not loading win its on, the keys lite up.

Someone have input, im reduced to using my android, hence the grammar error, my sight isnt tiny screen friendly. Thank you in advance.

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RE: Dell xps 9365 2 inç after dellr boot logo black screen, win 10 dont load

Do you have your data backed up? It sounds like the system might have some type of virus/malware etc. because of the additional files/users etc. If you have the data backed up you can either do a factory restore or clean install of Windows. 

Have you already tried doing the factory restore (wasn't sure on the post since you mentioned reset)? One other thing (since you're getting a black screen after the Dell screen), is attempting to run diagnostics on the system. You can enter diagnostics by pressing F12 at startup (at the Dell/XPS screen before Windows loads).  

Let me know if any of this helps, or if anything changed since your post.

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