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Dell xps l501x , core i7 740Q @ 1.73 GHZ, 2GB of Nvidia 435m GT... but slow performance in gaming

Hi all,

I have seen videos on the internet with dell xps core i5 and 1GB Nvidia 420 GT with bettter gameplay in GTA 4 game with medium and high settings.

Mine is much superior(Dell xps l501x , core i7 740Q @ 1.73 GHZ, 2GB of Nvidia 435m GT)  but the gaming is very slow.. too slow.. its playable but slow even by keeping all the settings in low..

I also own a desktop with core 2 duo 2.4ghz, 512mb Nvidia 9600 Gt and its a bit faster in gameplay than my pc..

I have installed latest Nvidia graphics drivers from Nvidia site (which i know is not recommended by Dell) .. the gamble payed off and the gameplay has improved a bit.. just a bit.. but overall is very slow compared to the video I saw on the internet and also slower than my desktop core 2 duo with a 512mb graphics card

I have increased my processors performance to 100% the advcanced power options , also tweaked around with the nvidia control panel by reducin the graphics.. I have also used a program called Mem Turbo which many blogs recommended sayin it will solve this exact problem.. after all that still no improvement..

Also one more thing.. when I opened my dell xps brand new out of the box, I noticed that the pc was slow at bootin ,, after the "starting windows" .. the welcome screen is slow and it takes a full 3 minutes to see the mouse pointer.. But once I see the mouse pointer and the icons begin to load, its very fast,, even the startup of loading the icons is fast..

Anyone please give suggestions,,

I paid 72 grand (Rupees) for this pc... Now I doubt whether it was worth it..


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