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Dell xps m1730 sounddrivers for vista x64

I have an xps m1730 that i am very happy with, but i noticed when i upgraded my os to x64 i couldnt find any drivers for it.

i need drivers for the creative audigy soundcard. Anyone out there that have solved this? It looks like there is no drivers here at dell.

This is pretty annoying as i have paid about 2500€ for a modern laptop and cant use x64 vista just because of the sounddriver.

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Re: Dell xps m1730 sounddrivers for vista x64

There is no driver listed for any OS version for the Audigy card. Try going HERE and id your Audigy version and see if there are any win 7 drivers. Since this is an older card there may never be any drivers developed for it, either by Dell or Creative

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Re: Dell xps m1730 sounddrivers for vista x64


If you have the Creative Audigy MB software upgrade, it is an application. From discussions about it here on the Laptop Audio Board, the consensus seems to be that the Creative software will not run on Vista 64 anyway.

However your "sound card", which is a Sigmatel STAC9228 HD Audio chip, should still work fine. To get the audio to work after an OS installation, go to the M1730 downloads page and install in this order:

a. Intel Mobile Chipset driver (expand the Chipset category). Restart.

b. Sigmatel audio driver (expand the Audio category).

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