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Dell you need to fix all updates

I am getting tired of having to install all the correct drivers and having to uninstall the incorrect ones....

I want new updates for my graphics drivers asap.

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I would like to know if the new adrenaline radeon software will be incorporated into the next dell driver update?

Also,Will the company's who signed your contract of supporting you guys with drivers please update all their drivers and add patches please...

I have seen that windows 10 updates gives me the wrong drivers...since,I have all driver from Dell driver vendor support.

I need vendor specific support and proper drivers please.

I want the correct ones.

and updated and patched.

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Dell Inspiron 15 5576

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I want to know why my pc is installing drivers when it does not need to?

plus,I am getting tired of the old graphics drivers with limited options....

Also,the audio driver issue is getting old....I keep getting generic drivers detected in audio troubleshooter...

I do not know how to describe it except that it changes from time to time with different sounds after I keep getting windows 10 updates....

I really am starting to regret buying this Dell laptop.I do not see any improvements over the problems with all drivers I have encounterd so far...

I am starting to think that specific drivers for a specific laptop does not get any updates at all.

I do not want to wait 6 months to a year for more drivers updates with patches...



What system are you looking for video card updated drivers?  Unfortunately, I do not have a list of when or if any new drivers will be released. 

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