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Design Problems in inspiron 5548

I guess my product is having some design problems. Cause every time i open or close the lid it makes a click sound. Also I Inspected it, the wires from Screen and WLAN are bitten off due to grinding in opening and closing of lid. I once already had a issue of flickering lines on screen, which was solved by dell by replacing the screen but It could had been fault of technician that he didnt do hid job properly cause just after 2 months, that problem is back again.

Since my product now is out of warranty, therefore i thought of checking the problem and opened it to find that the wires from Screen and WLAN passing from hinge section of lid are grinded off and these must be the possible reason of the issue.

I strongly condemn DELL to take proper action against these issue, Cause i cant afford repllacement of parts as an option. Extreamly Unhappy with service and product issue.

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RE: Design Problems in inspiron 5548

This is a very well know issue with the Inspiron 5547 /5548  laptops.  In fact they share the same part number for the palm rests.  The same thing happened to my wife's laptop.  The design flaw has two components:

1) The hinge takes to much force to move.

2) The palm rest structure cannot hold up to this high force and the screws crack out of the plastic.

Dell needs to step up and repair / replace these computers.

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RE: Design Problems in inspiron 5548

I have had my 5548 for just over a year when my right hinge broke, severing the wifi cable. I've seen some responses from Dell about normal wear and tear, but if they cannot build a computer that can last longer than a year without falling apart, then they need to rethink their line of business.  This was my first and last Dell product.

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