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Desk top flashing problem

Back in Jan when I first got the PC I noticed the desktop flashing on and off.

At that time I went online and reported this problem and I believe Dell sent me a Bio update 3521A11

which fixed the problem.

However since then this computer has been updated couple of times and now the problem is back.

The original bio update I ran no longer works neither does 3521A12 which I received in Feb,

So I need a new Bio that will get rid of this problem.

The problem interferes with typing, when ever it flashes the keystroke misses the letter and I end up with an unintelligible message, unless I take great care to watch the spelling, which slow down my speed.

As well this problem will force some forum posts to scroll to the bottom so I can't read the beginning post at the top and have to be forced to fighting to scroll the post back to the top., without success.

So if anybody reading this can send me something like the last time. I would really appreciated.

Thank you so much

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