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Differential charging speeds on USB ports - Inspiron 7548


I have an Inspiron 7548 laptop with two USB 3.0 ports (one with PowerShare) and one USB 2.0 port.

I have tried charging my iPhone 6 in "Low Power Mode" with an Apple cable at several instances from all the 3 ports and found the following average rates of charging (with 3G ON and almost no usage):

USB 2.0 port - ~1%/2min
USB 3.0 port - ~1%/2min
USB 3.0 port with PowerShare - ~1%/1min

My question is - is it possible to achieve similar charging current on the other USB 3.0 port? Since USB 3.0 is capable of providing up to 900mA, can I somehow get it to pump this much current by some driver/software manipulation?

Extra information:

I am aware of some adapters which can force higher current out of a USB port - is it possible that they may actually damage the port? (assuming that the port is not configured to provide higher current as per its driver)

While I found an average of ~1%/2min for charging on all USB ports (two 3.0 and one 2.0 with PowerShare) on my previous laptop XPS 15 L502X, in Inspiron I can distinctly see one port charging the phone at twice the rate.

I suppose that only one port is providing 900mA, while others give only 500mA. I checked the controller for the ports on HWiNFO64 and found all the 3 ports coming from the same controller USB xHCI Compliant Host Controller (on Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.0 (Microsoft)), which also happens to have Wi-Fi adapter, touchscreen adapter installed on it, as per HWiNFO64.

Also, I checked on the Device Manager and it doesn't tell me the "Total Power Available" on the power tab for this hub - this hub doesn't even have a power tab in its properties window.

My system specs are-Intel Core i7-5500U; 16GB RAM; Radeon R7 M270 4GB; 

I am also attaching a screenshot of the HWiNFO64's USB tab - there under USB xHCI Compliant Host Controller:

Port 1=USB 3.0 port with PowerShare

Port 2=USB 3.0 port

Port 3=USB 2.0 port

Any ideas you might have about this are welcome. Thanks in advance!



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