Disable or change mSata ???


I have a new alienware 17 and I think my msata may be shot or for soome reason I messed it up. I tryed installing win8 on it and then took oout old hd after and put 2 new ssd in and config raid 0. Then I disabled raid 0 and didnt back anything up. So I have a fresh ssd I would like to install. I want to perform a install without the mSata in the laptop. Any suggestions?  Or help please?

I contacted alienware and they told me to return or exchange. I woukd like to try to not ha b e to do this.



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RE: Disable or change mSata ???

Hi Mike,

Please provide the exact system model (E.g. Alien ware 17 R1, M17x) to check the system configuration and assist you further. Also let me know the size of both the hard drives to assist you further.

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