Disabled Touchpad on my Dell XPS 13 laptop?

Model : Dell XPS 13 (9333, Late 2013)

Today when I turned my laptop on the touchpad randomly just stopped working and the mouse pointer disappeared.  Luckily the laptop is a touchscreen and I have an external mouse so therefore I can use it.  However I am super confused as I did not do anything that should have disabled it and it was working last night.

I have already tried checking the driver on device manager and it says it is "up to date" and I have already tried using the Windows 8 "change PC settings" feature as well. 

Can someone please help me out here.. I am totally lost.

Thank you

EDIT 1: I just did a diagnosis on the Dell website and everything passed with good results. weird.

EDIT 2: OK! so I just re-installed the touchpad driver and its working fine now 0_____o  lol

This thread is now useless Smiley Happy

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