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Disabling the mSata caching drive in a XPS 14

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Hello all,

I still own an XPS 14 from 2014 (now running Windows 10 Pro) and would now like to try and extend its life a little more by replacing the HDD with an SDD.  To this end, I just bought an ADATA SU800 512GB 3D-NAND 400TB TBW SSD.

I doubt strongly that allowing the internal 128GB mSata caching drive to continue operating as a cache will improve the performance of my new SSD.  In fact, it might well slow the new drive down.

Can anyone tell me how to switch off the caching function on the machine please?


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RE: Disabling the mSata caching drive in a XPS 14

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Thank you for your message.

To disable mSATA cache, you will need to do that from IRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology)

Type in Intel Rapid Storage Technology at the start screen

Click on the Accelerate tab, select Disable acceleration

Now you should see a new option Make available in the same tab. Click on it to completely disassociate the mSSD from the cached drive

If you would like to use this as a drive, Reformat the mSSD in Windows Disk Management and choose MBR.

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