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Discovered a bug in video driver Latitude E7250 wakes up with black external monitor


I'm pretty sure I've discovered a bug after a graphics driver update last week. I can duplicate the problem using the following scenario:

Latitude E7250 with Intel 5500 graphics, Dell simple port replicator docking station. Any monitor, plugged into DisplayPort on dock. Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Intel graphics driver downloaded from the Dell drivers and support page (filename Video_Driver_49H49_WN32_20.19.15.4377_A03.EXE).

Laptop running in dock with lid closed, external display only. Remove laptop from Docking station, open lid, use laptop. Close lid, wait for laptop to sleep. Put laptop in dock, leave lid closed, press power button on dock to wake laptop. Monitor turns on with black screen and a mouse. The mouse appears to be able to move off the lefthand side of the screen, you can move it off a distance and it takes a little while to return to the screen when you move the mouse back to the right. ie it seems like the laptop thinks the monitor has a display arrangment with this black screen on the far right, although it's the only monitor.

At this point there are a couple of ways you can get the external display back to normal. 1) open the lid, the system returns to mirrored or extended display as expected, close the lid, re-wake laptop with the power button on the dock and it comes up on the external monitor normally. Or, 2) power off the monitor, wait a few seconds, power the monitor back on - it seems to detect displays and returns to normal external-only display arrangement.

If I uninstall this particular driver version and install an older driver (the next most recent I could find was Video_Driver_FGGYJ_WN32_10.18.14.4280_A17.EXE) and the above error does not happen.

I didn't open a support case because my user needed their computer back so I wouldn't have it to make the phone call. Can anyone else confirm if they can duplicate this issue, or can a Dell rep confirm if I can open a case without the computer present?

I can completely duplicate this issue - install the newer driver and it works incorrectly as described above. Install the older driver and it works like it should - waking up to the external display with the lid closed normally.



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So this happens to several of our machines now. Almost all of our Latitude E7250 and E7450s using the Dell E-port replicator. Does anyone else have this issue?



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Still no solution that I'm aware of, this is still happening. One thing I noticed recently when this happened to my own system was that my video output options are "digital display", "digital display 2" and "virtual display". When I woke up my system from sleep it did had chosen digital display and virtual display as it's two outputs, with the Windows login screen on the virtual display - I was able to log in by typing my familiar keys, then change the display configuration to 'digital display' and 'digital display 2', correcting the problem.

I would love to know where 'virtual display' is coming from and how to stop it from being there on wakeup.

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