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Disk read error to Black screen

Hi, I have a Dell Latitude laptop.  It was working perfectly fine until the next morning I went to sign in and it had a disk read error.  I restarted and would not allow any other activity.  I have done a F12 reboot/ diagnostics which stated it did not find any errors.  What do you think is going on with this laptop? what should be my next step of troubleshoot? Also, is there a way to extract saved documents from the hard drive in its error state?

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RE: Disk read error to Black screen

It sounds like bad sectors, which the quick diagnostics won't always pick up.  Run the quick diagnostics and at their completion, boot to the Dell 32-bit diagnostics and run a surface scan of the drive (this will take up to a couple of hours).

To recover data, remove the drive from the system and mount it into a 2.5" USB external drive case (about $10).  Attach to a working system and copy your data files to the working system's hard drive for backup.

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RE: Disk read error to Black screen


Thank you for writing to us!

We would suggest you to run Chkdsk/r .Since you have come to the diagnostics screen also run complete diagnostics on the system.

You can also update the BIOS on the system to check the same. If you are using windows xp Repartition and reformat the disk from your Windows XP CD,FIXBOOT or FIXMBR from the recovery console.

Also private message the service tag and the email address.



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