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Display Port on Precision 7510 with TB16 Dock

Kind of a multi part question here.

I have a Precision 7510 and a TB16 Dock. I have the quadro m2000 graphics card. When I have my dock connected I connect a display port cable from my dock' s display port out to my dell 4k monitor. The max resolution is either FHD at 60 hrz or 3840x2160 at 30hrz. The 30hrz option is not acceptable for me. I end up trying it with a mini display port to the dock with a display port to the monitor adapter cable that came with the monitor. That gives me the full 3840x2160 resolution.

Two questions here.

1 why am I not getting proper output from the full size display port on my dock and is there something that can be done to correct it as I think I should be able to connect another 4k monitor and was thinking about getting another of the dell ones but don't want to unless I know it will work.

2 I see a lot of info on the different revisions of both display port and hdmi. I think the latest display port revision is 1.4 or something and  hdmi is 2.1. What version is my machine able to support? In looking for help online with question 1 I found info that makes me believe it could be related to what version of display port is supported by my machine. That is why I am looking for that info.

Thank you


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RE: Display Port on Precision 7510 with TB16 Dock


Click the link below for troubleshooting and resolving issues with the TB16.

Video on only one external 4k x 2k display. 

When you connect a Precision xx10 portable system to an external 4k x 2k high resolution display such as a Dell P2815Q at 4k x 2k resolution (3840 x 2160) you will only be able to achieve video on one external 4k x 2k display. This occurs whether connected directly to the system or via a Dell Dock.

Hardware working per design.

Support for a single external 4k x 2k display @ 3840 x 2160 resolution is a factor of the system design.

How to Use and Troubleshoot the Dell Thunderbolt Dock (TB16)

Precision Mobile 7510 / 7710: No Pre-Boot video on external monitor using a DisplayPort connection v...

Dell Thunderbolt Dock (TB16) information, specifications & Frequently asked questions



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RE: Display Port on Precision 7510 with TB16 Dock

Hi Matt.

Did you solve your issue with the full-size DisplayPort socket on your TB16 having only 30Hz @ 3840x2160?

I Have the exact same config (7510 with M2000M + TB16) and I'm just about to order a BDM4037UW.



PS: The resolution table in the Dock 16 user guide ( says explicitly it supports a single monitor in 3840x2160@60Hz on all ports (DP,mDP,USB-C)!

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RE: Display Port on Precision 7510 with TB16 Dock

First, can you confirm you're using a DisplayPort cable straight from the dock to the display, i.e. no DisplayPort to HDMI adapter involved?

Second, have you tried other DisplayPort cables?  Not all cables can reliably carry 4K @ 60 Hz, and I don't think there are ANY cables longer than 6 ft / 2 m that will.

Third, make sure your display itself is configured for DisplayPort 1.2 mode.  Some displays ship configured in 1.1 mode for compatibility, which only allows 4K @ 30 Hz.  You just have to go into the on-screen display menu of the display itself to enable that option.  That's usually explained in the display's manual.

If it's already in 1.2 mode, make sure you don't have any other displays daisy-chained to its DisplayPort output, if it has one. The dock's DisplayPort outputs each only send DisplayPort 1.2, which is only enough to drive a single 4K @ 60 Hz display per dock output -- so while you can indeed run dual 4K @ 60 Hz displays from the dock, you couldn't do so via daisy-chaining since that would be asking too much bandwidth from the dock out of a single output.

And with respect to the DisplayPort and HDMI revisions: The HDMI revision supported by the system doesn't actually matter since that would only pertain to an HDMI port built into the system itself.  You'd have to see what HDMI revision the TB16 dock supported, which would be indicated by its maximum supported resolution.  With respect to DisplayPort, again that would pertain to any DisplayPort/Mini DisplayPort outputs built onto the system itself.  Even if the system has a built-in DisplayPort output that supports 1.3 or 1.4, Thunderbolt 3 currently supports dual DisplayPort 1.2 signals, which is enough for dual 4K @ 60 Hz displays.  Supporting newer DisplayPort revisions over Thunderbolt would be problematic because they require more bandwidth.  Thunderbolt 3 only supports 40 Gbps total, and 2x 4K @ 60 Hz already consumes 32 Gbps, before considering any bandwidth required for USB or PCI Express traffic.