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Display stopped working- HDMI works....BIOS not updating?

My 3 year old Inspiron 7537 (Service tag: 56H5812) w/ Windows 8, which until this time had been 100% problem free recently would not turn on. I would press the power button and nothing would happen (even w/ AC adapter plugged in)- even the charging indicator would not turn on. This was the case even when I tried using a friend's charger. I left the system pluggged in for a few hours and it eventually began to charge and has since been turning on reliably w/ either battery or AC adapter power.

The bigger problem is that since this time the LCD does not display any image at any time- not even a very faint one. Interestingly enough, the HDMI output still works fine (currently typing this w/ the laptop plugged into my TV). Also, the touchscreen somehow continues to work flawlessly. I.e when the laptop is plugged into my TV if I touch center of the (blank/dark) laptop screen it shows up on the TV as that part of the screen being touched.

My immediate reaction to these issues was to check for updates. I performed all available Windows updates and then I logged onto the dell website and used System Detect and the "detect drivers" options to find appropriate drivers and updates for my machine. A BIOS update was identified (7537A14.exe, A14).

I have spent hours trying to update the BIOS but keep getting either an "ERROR: Unknown or invalid AC & DC power condition." This happens with the AC adapter plugged in (including when I use my friend's). It persists even when I try to execute the BIOS update from command prompt as an "administraor" using the "-forceit" +/- "-forcetype" modifiers. I have even tried taking out the battery and just running straight off AC adapter (again, trying my friend's as well) but still receive the same message. Does anyone have any other ideas as to how to update the BIOS?

Will either of these updates even even possibly help get the screen to start displaying again? (that's my main goal)? Can anyone offer any other solutions for the problem of my LCD not working (w/ HDMI and touchscreen) working?

Thank you so much and sorry for the long post.

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RE: Display stopped working- HDMI works....BIOS not updating?


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You’ve reached the right department. We’ll try to assist you within Dell support boundaries. As you’ve mentioned that the external display is working fine when connected to the laptop, we suspect that the LCD is faulty. However, if you’d like to update the BIOS on the laptop, we request you to access our support site using this link and try updating chipset, BIOS and the video drivers. Let us know if the issue reoccurs.

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RE: Display stopped working- HDMI works....BIOS not updating?

Your battery is weak or has died. Remove it and use the adapter alone. You cannot update the bios without a fully charged working battery. Seeing that the laptop is 3 years old with a dead or weak battery, bad adapter and a failed screen, it is time to replace the computer.  Any repairs would cost more than buying a new laptop. 

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