Becky Walden
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Disscussted with Dell's customer service!!!

Through my company we receive a discount because of the high volume we purchase through Dell.  I responded to a recent flyer with a promotion to receive a Dell Venue 7 with the purchase of a laptop ($699 and higher).  I place my order online and received a email with a confirmation of my order.  The next day I received another email saying that my order would ship the next day, then another with the tracking number.  At that point I was pleased with response time, etc. but it went downhill from there.  I tracked my order and it only showed the Venue (tablet) so I went online to my account and may I say their website was the most un-user friendly I've seen which surprised me being the industry that their in.  I finally got so frustrated trying to figure it out so I called their customer support line, I spoke with a lady who spoke with such a thick accent I could barely understand her, she kept telling me that this was all I ordered and I kept telling her it was not, I demanded to be transferred to someone else, the next person was a repeat of the first except a bit easier to understand, I then demanded to speak with a supervisor, after sending this person my confirmation email with the detail of my order I was finally able to prove my case.  He said there must of been a glitch in the online order, he then assured me that he would personally take care of my order, he also sent an email to that effect.  As of today, I have still not heard a word back from him and I've sent him many emails.  I called customer support to to complain but the first person I spoke to spoke very little English and she could not understand me, she put me on the phone with someone else who found the details of all the mishaps and she also assured me that she would see to it that I was taken care of and apologized for all the confusion, etc. and she or someone else would also be calling me the next day, I have yet to hear from anyone and I saw on my Credit Card statement that they have charged me for the Venue 7 tablet....ARGHHHHH!!! I am so frustrated so much that I will be calling my companies IT department to complain to them about this treatment and hopefully we will discontinue business with Dell and switch to Apple!

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