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Do All Inspiron 5558 have Synaptics Touchpad ?

My old Dell Laptop Inspiron N5110 has ALPS touchpad and my experience was so poor that I'll never buy another laptop having ALPS touchpad EVER. Synaptics touchpad seems reasonable at most times. Except touchpad, Dell laptop served me well in past 4 years.

So I'm interested in buying new dell inspiron 5558 (Dell 5000 Series) with i5 (5200u), 1 TB HDD and 8 GB RAM.

I just wanted to make sure that do all Inspiron 5558 laptops have Synaptics touchpads? (precision touchpad or not, it doesn't matter to me much, though it'll be real nice to have.)

I tried searching dell community forums but couldn't find answer to my this question.

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RE: Do All Inspiron 5558 have Synaptics Touchpad ?

this is so good touchpad

and its had a multi touch

but he has a one cons

in bios is fast and non windows 7 os  when you doubletap the pad then swipe to edge its moving

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