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Do I need to replace my LCD

I'm mostly posting here to just confirm whether or not it is the correct action to replace my LCD screen. 

Model: Dell inspiron 1525 (8 years old) 

The computer is nothing special- nor is it my main computer. I do however, use it on the go stuff and it gets that job done well. I have since replaced the original operating system with windows 8. Since  then the computer has been running great, flawlessly even as Vista made it incredibly slow for obvious reasons (3 gb of ram doesn't get along too well with such a heavily taxing OS) 

Anyway, a couple of days ago I noticed that the screen started flickering. I thought nothing of it at first, and it's not really a noticeable flicker- more or less it is only a slight "dimness" that it goes between in a second. It's barely noticeable. However, I started paying attention to it more when i noticed there is a significant "darker area" or burn at the very base of the LCD. In addition, the bottom left corner will have a small dark area where there is nothing displaying at all (kind of a triangle i suppose that fits into the bottom corner) This changes in size each restart, sometimes it's big, sometimes it's small. It's also VERY hot in this particular corner, hot enough that it can be too hot to hold your finger to it for too long when it's been on for more than 20 minutes. This was cause for alarm for me as I know it should definitely not be this hot.  There is no indication of burning or anything, it's just very hot. Another thing to note is that when I startup the computer, sometimes the screen will blink on for a moment, then go blank. To fix this i merely need to let it start up completely, then plug the adaptor in. The screen will then turn on and stay on (even if i unplug it) Unless I close the lid. It doesn't turn off each time I do this, but, this is what has me wondering if it really is the LCD. Another thing to note is that when it goes completely black, i can shine a light on it and you can see the screen (backlight is not turning on unless i plug it in) 

I have been troubleshooting it online for a few days to determine if buying a new LCD and replacing it myself (which i'm perfectly capable of doing on my own) Problem is, i'm wondering if it really is the screen that is causing this issue-? I can only assume it is since I can hook an external monitor to it and that works just fine (no flickering or anything)

I was also suspicious it might be the inverter-? Thing is, if it is the inverter, that is $8, but if it's the screen, that's around $60. I'd hate to waste money on a screen if it might be the inverter-? But i'm heavily doubting it is- even so, if i do buy a LCD for it, i'll be getting one with a new inverter attached, so, two birds with one stone I suppose. 

anyway, any suggestions as to what it could be-? Should I go ahead and order a new LCD and replace it, or would it be more wise to try just the inverter first-? When it comes down to it, I would like to replace the screen anyway since i'd much rather it be a matte finish, but i don't want to waste money on that if the problem  might not even be the lcd in the first place. 

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