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Do I really need Media Direct to play Blu-Ray???

I reformatted/repartitioned my Drive and reinstalled vista.  All drivers are reinstalled as well and the only thing left is to get the Blu-Ray playing again.  I read here in the forums that I need Media Direct to play my Blu-Ray movies.  Is this correct?  Are there any alternatives?

When trying to install the provided Media Direct CD v3.5, I get an installation error and nothing more happens.  

I also read that Media Direct will mess up your partitions OR it will create new partition(s)?  Why is that?

I just want to play my blu-ray movies without having to install so much software and having to partition my drive.  I like my partitions the way they are.

Please advice on what to do and what are the alternatives to Media Direct.

Laptop Info:

Dell XPX 1530
Windows Home Premium SP1
Intel Core Duo T9300, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD
Blu-Ray Drive:  Matshita BD-RE UJ-225S ATA

Thank you,


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Re: Do I really need Media Direct to play Blu-Ray???

Hi Marvin,

You will not be able to install Media Direct on your computer if no seperate partion (2-2.5 GB) is allocated before the Operating System is installed. Having said that there are other software player available on the web which you can use for Blue Ray Playback. Checkout http://download.cnet.com/1770-20_4-0.html?query=blu-ray+player&searchtype=downloads or filehippo.com

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