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Does Dell Inspiron 3537 (15") support Ram with Cas Latency 9 (CL9)

I would like to upgrade ram on my Dell laptop
Dell Inspiron 3537 (15") 
Intel Core i7 4500U
Northbridge Intel Haswell-ULT rev. 09
Southbridge Intel H8x/P8x rev. C1
Now installed 2 x 4GB Kingston Ram PC3-12800 (800 MHz) KNWMX1-ETB
@1.35 Volts CL11
I would like to ask you if this ram kit is compatible with my system:
HyperX Impact SODIMM - 16GB Kit*(2x8GB) - DDR3L 1600MHz CL9 SODIMM
Part Number: HX316LS9IBK2/16
Can my system run CL9 Ram ?
Thank you.
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RE: Does Dell Inspiron 3537 (15") support Ram with Cas Latency 9 (CL9)


Welcome to our community.

Below are the details of the RAM supported for the system Inspiron 3537:

Memory module connector
Two internally-accessible DDR3L SODIMM connectors

Memory module capacities
2 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB and 8 GB

Memory type

Minimum memory
2 GB

Maximum memory
16 GB

You may purchase any RAM of the above given configuration. However, we recommend you purchase the RAM from a Dell outlet. We are not responsible of the performance if a third party RAM is installed.

Let us know if you have if you have any further queries

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