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Don't Buy Dell

I'm disgusted with the way dell has handled my situation. Less than a year ago i decided to purchase a new latop for use. I bought the XPS 14z. Its light weight and slim characteristics made it easy to think that it would be ideal to transport around and use. All of that would be fine and dandy if the computer actually worked. I have owned the laptop for almost a year and have less than five hours of log time in on the thing. Everytime I turn it on the lap top will run for 5-15 minutes and shut itself off. I attempt to reboot and get the same error message that the computer had been shut off incorrectly etc. I contacted dell, they fixed the issue, a week later it started happening again. I called dell a second time and they began to do the same thing as last time, (delete all the drivers and everything off and reinstall everything.) everything seemed fine and dandy for the next half hour after they fixed. i attempted to use the lap top a few days later when I needed it and the same issue happened. They repeated the same steps even after I argued with them about how to fix it. I quit using the lap top and went back to using my old one because i could not trust my new one. i recently went to use my new one for the fourth time and nothing has changed. I reached out to dell to refund my money, send me a new laptop, or give me the choice of picking out one of equal cost. Dell denied my request of all three, instead they wish me to send them my computer which is brand new so they can tear it apart and attempt to fix it. after they have already had three opportunities to do so. I sit here and read other peoples complaints and came to the conclusion that i will not be purchasing another Dell computer in my life time, neither will my family (who are responsible for owning 7 of them) or my friends. The way Dell has handled the situation has been poor, they have not fixed anything or attempted to. It is the same response and the same story with them every time. DELL if you READ THIS. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK thats all i ask. instead of mailing me a box to fix my computer that you have fixed three times. Your service is garbage, your computers are garbage, and you treat your customers like garbage.

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