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Don't buy alienware

Bought the 15r2, it worked well for a few months. Then the fans started revving. I learned that they give you a power supply unit that cant supply the power needed to actually run all the fans proper and keep the system cool. My motherboard fries, GPU burns out. I am stuck paying for a $1700 laptop that doesn't work. Cause the warranty only goes for a year unless you cough up another $700. I wont do that, because a computer that can burnout is an issue and I would still be replacing a laptop every year cause the product ***. Clearly they don't know how to build proper system, or they do and are just trying to gouge you for money. Dell and Alienware are a bad company, and their products are complete garbage. If you buy Alienware or Dell, you will be disappointed. Wish you could give lower than a one star. All these four and five stars are just what they want you to see, look at any other site other than dell and watch the stars drop. Dell just tells me, in a nut shell, "too bad so sad, there is nothing we can do about the garbage product we sold you". The Alienware system didn't even last hardly a year, and I only used it for about three or four hours a day or less. Now I am stuck paying for the last 600 on a broken piece of equipment, since I tried the payment plan. Should have just burned my $1700 to ignite my BBQ, I would felt better at least. Thanks Dell for taking my money, I guess it is my fault for trusting you.