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Double spacing when typing

I have a new Kaby Lake I7 XPS 13. I have 2 issues.

First is poor battery life (balanced plan 50% display brightness getting  about 4 hours)

The second issue is the keyboard. It all works perfectly apart from every fourth or fifth word it adds an extra space between words. I see this has been an issue for other Dell laptops in the past.

I've updated all drivers and the BIOS from the website so everything is up to date.

Anyone else seen issues like this and know of a solution?

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robert p
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RE: Double spacing when typing

Hi Pauly1D,

Thanks for posting.

Many factors affect the amount of time that a portable computer battery can deliver power before it must be recharged. These factors include the configuration (processor, memory, etc.), types of applications being run and display brightness.

Dell uses industry standard benchmarks for battery run time claims. For more information on battery run times and benchmarks, the white paper, "Understanding Battery Life in Portable Computers" is available at:

Does an external keyboard produce the same effect?  If so, Please try these troubleshooting steps.
- Go to Control Panel and click on Keyboard.
- Adjust the Repeat Delay close to Short and Repeat Rate 5 clicks less from Fast.
- Click on Apply and OK then test it again.

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