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Driver Geforce GT 650M for Dell Inspiron 17R SE 7720 delivered by nVidia

I have a question, perhaps made thousands of times,
but I never found a complete answer to it.
...and perhaps this is also a good opportunity to make clear about possible risks,
because I have not read Dell's official warnings anywhere.

I own a Dell Inspiron 17R SE 7720 with nVidia GT 650M with Windows 7 64 bit
For your knowledge (as you already know), there is also an Intel HD graphics 4000
on the motherboard.

I need to install the new or latest version of nVidia drivers
because the nVIDIA Geforce GT 650M driver for Win7 64-bit,
downloadable from the Dell site are related to version 331.65 of March 2014,
while the current version available on the nVidia site is 387.92 WHQL
relased at 2017 october 9

My purpose is to use Davinci resolve which at startup gives me the error:
"No CUDA Acceleration Hardware Detected ..."
and the only solution is to use a recent version of these drivers relased
directly from nVidia.

My question is: can I install them WITHOUT DAMAGE the HARDWARE ?
(in this case the whole motherboard).

If I only have software problems, I do not care,
as I can do a reformat and restore with drivers provided by Dell.
but, again, I'm worried that there might be some damage to the board:
could it happen or, if it does not fit well, I can only have software problems?

Please note that if there is damage to the hardware,
it is necessary to change the motherboard!

Can I be quiet if I use them? (I always refer to hardware damage)
Can someone share own experiences?
Are any of you using them without any problems?
Which recent version?

So, in short, what risks can I have?

Kindly, I ask to you for advice...

Thank you.

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RE: Driver Geforce GT 650M for Dell Inspiron 17R SE 7720 delivered by nVidia

TLDR; Installing the drivers from nVidia won't hurt your computer.

Installing the video drivers for your nVidia card directly from them won't damage the hardware.  Normally Dell's drivers are ones that have been tested by Dell to work with the machine at that time, or some bug fixes.

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RE: Driver Geforce GT 650M for Dell Inspiron 17R SE 7720 delivered by nVidia

Thank you Beamer,

since in this case the "owner" hardware is Dell's motherboard, I'm a little worried that something could happen because in the laptop the OEM drivers also regulate the cooling and "communications" behavior of the rest of the circuit with the GPU and, in this case, could be that the driver from nVidia does not do this work like the motherboard would like it.

Sorry for my diffidence about this argument (not toward you), but around I read many kind of problem and bad comments from various user (most of them unexpert, but also many of them very skilled) that damaged the motherboard....

Obviously the reason can be other than of the only usage of the nVidia direct driver and most likely it may also depend on other causes, but I would like to hear more than one reassurance about risks that may occur...

Thank you again

Best regards.

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