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E1505 DVD Drive Problem...

Hello, So my girl friend has a E1505 laptop and something is wrong with the cd/dvd drive (Model TS-L532) it will sometimes read a disc with no problem like when she got her iPod she wanted to upload her CD'd to the computer ad some would read just fine and others wouldnt at all and others we had to eject and put back in a few times...


We have already baught a new drive same model and installed it but still have the same issue..


I just tried installing The Sims 2 and the first time i put it in it read the disc and started installing and got to 2% and just stuck there and then i cancled the install and ejected the disc and tried again but now it doesnt even read the disc but it is making all kinds of noise like its trying to.


same thing happened when trying to install world of warcraft would hang after a few % durring the install or not read at all.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: E1505 DVD Drive Problem...

:^/ Are you using original discs, or burned backup copies?  It can make a difference; some drives models don't work well with burned discs....

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