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E1505 RJ11-to-modem circuit protection?

Have an E1505 with fairly standard supporting kit. Internal modem (Conexant RD02-D110, Dell XH648) passes diagnostics, except does not detect dialtone. Have checked external phone line to terminating RJ11 jack, and it is AOK (In fact, I'm using that line to write this msg from a different machine). My not-too-reliable meter shows no connectivity between external RJ11 plug and termination of line that plugs into the internal modem. I suspect there may be some sort of circuit protection between the RJ11 plug and the plug that goes into the internal modem, because it's unlikely both leads would part. However, I don't fully trust my meter with its fairly blunt probes, and I most certainly don't want to tear into the E1505's innards for no purpose. Before I make a complete fool of myself and dig into the guts of an otherwise perfectly good laptop, strew parts around the room, and lose about half of them, does anyone know if the E1505 RJ11-to-modem circuit is a 'straight shot,' or is there some kind of in-line circuit protection that may have blown that I can restore? Thanxmuch.
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Re: E1505 RJ11-to-modem circuit protection?

There's no inline protection for the modem.


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