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E1505 can't control screen brightness after repair

I recently sent my laptop to be repaird to a third pary company to fix a problem with the screen. (The screen was flickering and darkening).

That company told me that they needed to replace my LCD and charged me for the replacement. When I got my laptop back, I find out that I can't control the brightness of the screen. When I complained to them they said it could be a fault with the inverter now and that they are willing to replace it, but for another extra charge.

When I run the Dell diagnostics tool at boot time, it gives me the following messages:

Error code: 0322
Msg Error Code: 2000-0322
Error accessing lcd inverter.

I'm sure that I didnt get these messages before I handed my computer for repair.. and I suspect they have just replaced the inverter and charged me for a new LCD 

Can anyone please suggest how I can solve this issue without sending it back to that same company, because I don't trust they will do an honest job.

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Re: E1505 can't control screen brightness after repair

Unless you're willing to pay for a second repair from another company, you don't really have an option.  There's a good possibility the problem could be other than the display panel - did you send them your AC adapter, or did they use their own?   If you sent yours, try replacing it - it could be faulty.


If you didn't send yours, assuming they tested the system, there's at least a decent chance it's the power circuitry on the mainboard that's faulty, not the inverter - the power to the inverter is drawn through the system board.


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