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E1705 and On Board Graphics

Hello everyone,

I am hoping someone can help me with this issue Im having with my laptop. Just recently upgraded to Windows 7 Pro and everything is working perfectly except for one issue that is really bugging me...I cant get my graphics drivers (on board Intel 945 family) to set up and save settings to "maintain aspect ratio". I select the bullet for it, but the Apply button wont become available for me to set it as I wish. Is this something that is a known issue or am I going to just have to look into going back to Windows Xp once again. Didnt have this issue when I had my laptop upgraded to Vista, so Im hoping this can be something temporary or there is something I am overlooking. Thank you all for your help in advance!!!

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Re: E1705 and On Board Graphics

Have you tried the Intel site HERE for the 32bit Win 7 driver, or HERE for the 64bit Win 7 driver. There are other drivers HERE too.


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