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E5400 freezes randomly

A while back our IT department upgraded a number of us from D610 vintage laptops to E5400s. A number of us have had sporadic probalems with the laptops freezing up. They are typically connected to a port replicator to external keyboards / mice / displays.

In my particular case I have seen the laptop freeze up at random times, it could be while I'm working on something, or I have had cases where I've left my desk for a while and came back and it was frozen. I have not noticed any particular pattern as to what applications may be running, etc.

I have noticed that when it does freeze, it seems to come back about every 2 - 2 1/2 minutes for a short period. If I press a keystroke, e.g. Alt-F4, it will respond when it comes back. I have been able to save current work this way and reboot the laptop however it takes time if there are a number of windows open, as you can only close one every 2 1/2 minutes.

At one point it was recommended that the laptop be run wihtout the port replicator. I never noticed any freezes with it disconnected, but it was only run that way for a week or so. I have never seen this problem when I am working away from the desk and not on the port replicator.

For several months I had not had any issues, how about a month or so back they freezes started happening almost daily.

Any suggestions?

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Re: E5400 freezes randomly

Interestingly, our IT department did something remarkable similar. We replaced d620's for e5400. Most of the ones delivered presented no problem. However, we have couple that are experiencing the exact same problem you indicated above, with one exception. These units started freezing on first use. We use a known good image for our machines, so I know that isn't the issue.

I've run Dell diagnostic, swapped out hard drives, memory and even re-imaged the units several times. I've spoken with Dell, and they don't seem to think it's their problem.

I'll be interested in following this thread to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue, and  to see if there is a resolution.

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Re: E5400 freezes randomly

latitude-E series sucks....


i have latitude e6400...it has horrible overheating issue...after using my system for 20-25 mins...it gets too hot ..and processor downclocks to 0.78 GHZ......my processor is C2D T9400 (2.6 GHZ) but it runs on 0.78 GHZ...then i have to shutdown my laptop for 15 mins..then have to restart it...after another 20 mins i am having this problem ..... 😞 i am fed up of my system now....

dell has changed motherboard,harddrive,processor,ram,heat sinks thrice....and still no solution of my issue...


i think yours have same issue as mine...check your processor's clock speed when your laptop is giving you trouble.....

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