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E5430 with pro3x and 21:9 monitor crashing


Just connected e5430 to 21:9 LG monitor via pro3x dock with displayport cable. Works a treat until it goes to sleep. Upon waking, it crashes.

This doesn't happen when the laptop is connected to the monitor directly (i.e. not using the dock) with HDMI cable. Unfortunately the dock doesn't have HDMI output.

Tried using DVI cable with dock but couldn't get full 2560x1080 resolution. I guess that's another issue entirely!

Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.

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RE: E5430 with pro3x and 21:9 monitor crashing

Hi Jimmmmer,

Thanks for your post. The problem could be caused by a power setting or firmware issue. I would suggest updated your system video and chipset drivers initially if you have not already. If this has no effect make sure the system BIOS is updated to the latest revision. If the system still fails to wake correctly the ‘freeze’ guide bellow has some great suggestions for troubleshooting power settings.


Latitude E5430 – Drivers & Downloads


 Computer freeze after waking up from Sleep?


Dell E-Port User’s Guide


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