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E5550 - Dock - No Sound when connected to jack on dock.

Hi, we recently purchase 100+ E5550 laptops.

The laptops have Windows 7 64bit, and were setup using MDT.  

Audio driver was which ever version was in the Driver Pack for the laptop.  

The issue am experiencing is once the laptop is booted up, and then docked to E-Port dock.  No sound will come out of the jack on the dock when connected to speakers.

If I turn on the laptop while docked and let Windows load, the sound will work.

I have tired these fixes but haven't found a complete solution.

If I download the latest driver from Dell, I get the same issue.  But found a Dell audio service which when open will allow the laptop to be docked and undocked and the sound to work as expected, this isn't the best solution as the service doesn't seem to run at startup.

The best I can get is to download the latest Realtek driver, which will allow sound to work while docked but it doesn't switch off sound on the laptop.  

This isn't great, but I think is my best fix at this time.

Unless someone knows of anything else?


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