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E5570 docked Monitor turning on and off

I have a new Dell Latitude E5570, that I have connected to the Dell ePort PR02X dock.  Connected to the dock are two Dell 27 UltraHD 4K Monitors model P2715Q. 

I have all the latest drivers and BIOS that is provided by support.dell.com.

I am using the Dell provided DisplayPort to mini DisplayPort cables that came with the monitors.

My screen randomly goes black for about a second, then comes back on.  It stays on for a random amount of time, then does it again.

What I've tried:
- Tried a different monitor
- Tried different cables
- Tried a different docking station
- Tried DisplayPort to DisplayPort cables
- Ran all the diagnostic tools, everything checks out fine
- Tried Dell technical support
 - They have been out twice and put in two new motherboards
 - They suggested that I send the laptop in to have it "diagnosed".  I can't be without my laptop for that long.
Does anyone have any suggestions?  Dell Support does not seem to understand my pain, and have not been very useful.

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Cali Duck
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RE: E5570 docked Monitor turning on and off

We are having a similar issue with a E5570 connected to a E-port plus dock and using DVI cables on Win 7.

-BIOS is current

-Tried both Intel and Dell recommended display drivers

-Replace Dock/Cables/Displays

Issue was not occuring on our clients same configuration using a E5450 laptop.

We have seen this same issue on E5550 systems, but updating the firmware on the synaptic driver typically resolves the issue

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RE: E5570 docked Monitor turning on and off

@Cali Duck: thanks for this. I had the similar problems with a Latitude E5470 and the Synaptics firmware update fixed it. In case it is useful to others the update is "Synaptics VMM3320 MST HUB Firmware Updater" and the version that fixed the problem is "3.10.1, A01".

Strangely, Dell Command | Update, which is usually so efficient, did not find this update.

(Synaptics usually refers to Touchpad drivers but in this case it is a motherboard chip that handles video, though it is not the actual graphics chip which is an Intel HD 520 integrated into the processor.)

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