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E6410 backlit keyboard stopped working


I've been using my Latitude E6410 for a few years now and it's by far the best laptop I've ever had.

Recently, my backlit keyboard stopped working. It's something that you don't appreciate enough until you lose it... 🙂 So I got a new backlit keyboard for it and installed it, but it still doesn't work.

I wonder if it could be a problem that's unrelated to the keyboard itself - maybe some motherboard issue / bios bug / whatever. Or maybe the new keyboard I got has its backlit feature broken.

Any ideas?

Please note it's been my computer for a while now, so I know all about how to activate it (alt+right arrow / bios setting). also note that it doesn't work even before the OS loads, where it used to work perfectly earlier.

Thank you very much!

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RE: E6410 backlit keyboard stopped working


Based on your description, we suppose the issue might be with the keyboard controller. Does the issue occur with or without the adapter connected?

Where have you purchased the keyboard from? Is the system still under warranty?

If the backlit does not work outside the OS, then the issue could be with the hardware itself.

Update the BIOS - http://dell.to/27LMEtW- and check. 

Restart the system and press f2 to enter BIOS and check if the backlit comes on. Also, restart and press f12 on startup and choose diagnostics and check if the backlit comes on while in diags.

Based on the part you have purchased, we could confirm if it indeed is a backlit keyboard or not. And whether the motherboard is required to be replaced or not.

Keep us updated.

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