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E6410 overheating and keyboard doesn't work - not the cpu, fan or keyboard


I was given an E6410 from my work after the laptop was dropped down a flight of stairs. The case and screen were broken but the system would still post and I could access the bios with out any problems from an external monitor. It would overheat and turn off after a few minutes though. If that was happening before the accident I can't say.

I've swapped the motherboard and fan assembly into another base and replaced the screen as well as cleaned and applied Arctic Silver to the cpu leaving the thermal pads as is for the video and southbridge. The new display works fine. The original CPU, fan assembly and keyboard also all work fine when put in an identical E6410 and swapping in other known good components from that unit does not change the overheating issue or the keyboard not working. 

I'm left believing the motherboard is at fault but I'm perplexed since the components all function fine in other known good laptops and the video works. Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.

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