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RE: E6540 Inadequate Thermal System! ATTN: Dell


I am also having issues.

I bought this with the i7-4800 MQ and 16gb ram and have applied latest bios version A10.

It was my intention to install Hyper-v and use a ssd hdd in the msata slot for a lab environment.

However at the moment I am only using it for office, reading pdf's, internet browsing, Antivirus, google drive, Onedrive and perhaps the odd you tube video.

I noticed the laptop would get very hot.

Very warm keyboard, fan quite often blowing out hot air, laptop very, hot underneath.

I installed real temp which allows you to enable logging. It is configured to log temperatures every 5 seconds

As far as I can tell the cpu load is averaging on around 15% but the average temperature is 69 degrees.

So, I cant imagine what would happen if I install hyper-v with a few virtual machines running on it.

Something I would expect a machine like this should easily cope with.

I have logged a call with Dell but after reading this forum I am really not getting my hopes up.

At moment I seem stuck with a reasonably specked laptop, but only able to perform tasks I can do on a tablet.

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Paul UK
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RE: E6540 Inadequate Thermal System! ATTN: Dell

Has anybody checked the thermal interface compound is OK? Have you unlocked the CPU socket and re-seated the CPU? Have you checked for any small particulates that could be in the assembly?

I have a few Dell E6440/E6540's and they all did considerably better with Prolimatech PK-3 applied to the CPU instead of the original grey crud or cheaper (normally good enough) MX-4. Getting the surfaces totally clean before you close them together is highly important, I use a rapid drying solvent and air duster spray.

I don't have the seperate GPU model, an i5-4300m will run all day at 3.2Ghz in the E6540 (62 degC max). I have tried to over stress it and got up to 68 degrees but it just drops back to 45 once unloaded and the fan goes silent. Something is horribly wrong with your equipment ro read 80 degrees at <16% load.

The heatsink assembly you guys have has thicker copper in it. Sure letting cold external air into the fan will help but the copper heat pipe carrying heat away from the CPU is more important. The fan is providing a little airlfow to other parts without heatsinks on the motherboard - cutting new holes might not be so good. Watch the DRAM and chipset sensor.

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RE: E6540 Inadequate Thermal System! ATTN: Dell

I also have some heat problems with this laptop which are maybe not that severe but still annoying. When surfing the web the fan is practically always on. The temperature of the CPU is then around 50 C. The temperature of the CPU easily rises to 97 C when doing practically any kind of work that uses 80% of the CPU. After some time of heavy load on the CPU thermal throttling turns on and it stays like that. I know that the CPU's temperature should rise under heavy load but I would not expect it to rise above 80 C. I find 97 C a "bit" to high. All this is without the AMD GPU which is I believe in the end operated by the same heat sink as the CPU.

The only solution to this 97 C problem that worked was to reduce the clock frequency by a quarter and the temperature never rises above 80 C no matter what I do. When surfing the web it's still 50 C and the fan is still on though.

I did not check the "thermal interface compound". It is kinda silly that you buy a laptop (that costs a fortune if you compare the price to standard home-like ones, especially if you take anything more than the default config) and the first thing you have to do is take it apart to replace one element which might or might not help. Not to mention that some people have drilled holes in the back cover.

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RE: E6540 Inadequate Thermal System! ATTN: Dell

I was kinda fed up with the noise and the heat.... Considered getting a new PC with i5, as they seem to be less noisy.

I downloaded the latest and greatest A15 bios and updated from my old A10
(To check bios version, start a command line window and run
wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion)

It works. The A15 fixed the fan issue.
I cannot say if it slows down the CPU, but I don't care.
I had to attach my USB mug heater to keep my coffee warm afterwards.
The fan runs at low speed, even when I turned of my cooling pad and loaded the CPU.

I'm happy. But next time I buy a PC, I'll be more alert. My old HP Envy 17 was even worse and I ended up ruining it, trying to replace the cooling paste.

I hope that this helps



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