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E7270 freezes when bumped on bottom near RAM module

I have a Dell Latitude E7270, less than 1 year old. It freezes when bumped. I've seem to have isolated the problem to the RAM module or connector. Upon re-seating the RAM, computer worked fine for some time. Eventually the problem re-appeared and can no longer be fixed by re-seating the RAM.

Has anyone experienced this problem? Can it be isolated to the connector-to-motherboard vs. in the RAM module itself? I'm thinking of buying another RAM module to verify this potential root cause.

Could it be a defective RAM connector with plastic flash or bad pins?

Thanks for any ideas,


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RE: E7270 freezes when bumped on bottom near RAM module

Hi Dennis,

There are two memory slots on the E7270, can you try the memory in the other slot and see if that makes any difference?

When did it start happening, had the system taken any bangs or knocks prior to the issue beginning?

Can send me a PM with the service tag and your details? (if it's less than a year old it should still be covered under warranty)

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