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E7440 - Can't Provision Encryption

I have a brand new E7440 that shipped with OPAL encrypted hard drive capability. This computer has been completely erased and reinstalled with a fresh, bare bones Windows 7.

I downloaded all the drivers for the E7440 from the Dell website and everything installed fine. I need to enable the Dell Data Protection so I can use the fingerprint scanner and encrypt the hard drive.

This is the only product from the support.dell.com section for me to download regarding this:


When I go to install it, it asks me for an Enterprise Server, which I don't have. If I just click through that, I am able to install it.

After it is installed, I open up My Computer and I right click on my hard drive and open the Dell Data Protection Encryption option. My drive just says "Not Provisioned" and won't let me encrypt it.

What do I need to install to make this work?

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